After wedding : the tips of a celebrant

After wedding

Love has to be built, maintained every day, just as you would a garden

I accompany couples to commit because their relationship is a subject which I am passionate about and I have a real interest in that experience which lets no one, man or woman, without surprises, questions, changes, joys and troubles, deep transformations ...

I often stay in touch after marriage with those couples who trusted in me : some realize their projects,  including being parents, moving, starting a new job, also celebrating their first anniversary ... It is overall very positive and then, a couple doesn’t pass the "after" commitment ... Because the wedding is only the beginning of a new path and Love has to be built, maintained every day, just as you would a garden. Even after the splendor of the day and the kindness surrounding it, the challenge remains : "they lived happily ..."

After the wedding : what works and lasts ? And how ? Let the "why" side appart because it never helps

Here are the tips that I share with you, which will perhaps help you to celebrate your marriage for a long time

The agreement of the married couple :

It’s true : some have completed their civil and symbolic wedding certificates with a specific contract about their values, limits, unconditionnal points ... and they revise it annually. After all, this method has given results in many other partnerships outside of the married couple .... Wouldn't it be more useful to build the fundamentals at the beginning rather than ending up sooner or later in a hopeless disagreement because non negotiable factors ?

Day to day

  •  Practicing at one's rhtyhm and letting one's inner child live
  • « Preference » : be careful ! the "first place" doesn’t mean the whole place
  • Become a source to give, welcome and receive
  • Don't confuse autonomy with independence
  • To maintain desire : to desire someone because you love him or her  instead of loving  because you desire 
  • To remain creative: even if you are at the top of the mountain, keep climbing!
  • To reveal one's heart to open up to true intimacy (not to be confused with familiarity)
  • To accept to be penetrated by the sense of the Sacred : with poetry, the mystery of the present time, eroticism
  • To clean the marital bed and book your love nest for only 2 people ! Outside: ghosts, requirements, crisis, prohibited ...
  • To communicate as often as possible : SMS, post-it, love notes, message ...
  • To know each other constantlly
  • To say "I love you" only when it resonates truly in your heart and in your body.

In moments of crisis

  • Find your responsibility instead of looking for a culprit: learn instead of giving lessons!
  • The right argument led to new agreements in which there were 2 winners in the end
  • Heal instead of thinking: use reassuring and comforting words instead of debating
  • To reconcile before the sun sets
  • Forgiving yourself before another one : you can’t change a mistake but you can commit to not re-offend


For those who follow a spiritual path, I encourage you to discover this Art of Love which is a path of awakening for yourself and others, facilitating the union of interior polarities "male / female" , to build a harmony based on feeling, experience, deep aspirations. This is a brief description according the vast world of Tantra, which will totally change your outlook on life, love and the sentimental relationship.

 Come on, good gardening, married people !!! And contact me to celebrate your 10, 20, 30 years of happiness ..

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