Your inner child

Your inner child

An unfortunate and forgotten being who would like to live freely ... your inner child !

Some would immediately claim : "Going back to my childhood, impossible ! I have too many responsibilities to waste my time with childishness. "

Yes, the reasonable adult must exist but you have to know that the only holder of inner freedom, creativity, spontaneity, curiosity, and especially the joy for life is your inner child.

Being only an adult:  you are reasonable, analitic, you weigh out the best and worst possibilities, you moderate, you mainly control your emotions and feelings and life becomes sad and heavy.

When this inner child has long been sidelined, it becomes tiny. Sometimes it takes up too much space and creates an irresponsible adult who only dreams ... But the balance tips the other way more often than not.

Reconnecting with this concept is to save oneself from boredom, depression, confinement, conflicts ...

To help him to break free, you need to listen, to comfort , to understand, to recognize his wounds, to live in the present, to play games again with everything and nothing, to imagine again, to joke, to dress up, to draw or paint, to smile for no reason, to invent, to accept the many facets of your personality, to give him an appointment at least once a day ... to be a good parent for him as well as for the other children.

So many mothers (or fathers) would give anything to their child while ignoring their own inner child !

Observe your mood : no more joy, no more wanting to sing about Life, no more ideas, dreams ... your inner child is absent.

Give him your best smile: he will send back 1000 more ! He still loves the magic, he still believes in fairy tales, he trusts, the sun is always shining in his heart

and he has a beautiful undamaged energy each day.
He is the part inside you that still celebrates life !


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